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Rescuers met with students of Ivano-Frankivsk Centre for Vocational Education

at number 1 in the Carpathian region within the last week of life safety meetings of Fire and Rescue Service of preschoolers, school children and students, which again emphasizes the importance of compliance with all simple rules in life, whileeducation and recreation, in dealing with explosive remnants and in the case of an unknown natraplyannya discovery, which is very important in this special time for our country. April 7 rescuers met with young men and women who enrolled in the Center for Vocational Education 1 in Ivano-Frankivsk. Young people get this proher barber, tailor, cutter. The event gathered hall full of students as guests in uniform are not here every day. Meeting quite live up to their expectations, because they learned a lot of useful. The students listened with interest to the speech of Fire and Rescue Service on the specifics of the rescuers, the most common causes of fires, etc.Shih emergencies and their consequences. Youth, educators realized, often things happen due to the fault of the citizens who neglect basic rules of use of fire in the home. In addition, adolescents demonstrated educational and informative film about the dangers of obsolete munitions. They learned about explosives, which in moderns conditions can be disguised in the most unexpected objects, toys, bags, things domestic consumption. It – realities, such knowledge is a must to everyone. Employee of the Maltese city of Ivano-Frankivsk Les Hunczak described and demonstrated on a mannequin students how to provide first aidsomeone who needs it. These skills are extremely useful for every common citizen, because they at any time can save someone's life. Soon these young, energetic, full of inspiration and creative forces, new ideas and designs, boys and girls finish their college and work on the chosen specialty. Now they ozbroyeni also the knowledge of treatment for any emergency. At the slightest need, say, apply them fully, it is well understood: human life is priceless, and can sometimes be a decisive moment only … Management DSNS in