Environment Minister supports the construction of an animal shelter in Lutsk

Director KP "Weasel" Bogdan Novarchuk met with the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine Igor Shevchenko. She informed the Minister, who recently assumed his duties, work with animals and started projects in Lutsk. The meeting was also attended by Agetor Kopacz - President of the NGO "Center for development of electronic animal identification", which described the introduction of electronic identification of animals in Ukraine, which began in Lutsk. and well proven. Currently, many cities are already looking enimal-id. Initiated ME "Weasel" started a new project oral vaccination bezprytulnyh animals. Soon Lutsk, together with the organization Neychervoch will take count of homeless animals. Already developed instructions for counting animals and the use of oral vaccination for all Ukraine. Igor Shevchenko was impressed with the work done, thanked data Novarchuk and Viktor Kopacz and willingness to cooperate. In paragraphrohannya director KP "Weasel" gave a positive review of the project on construction of shelter in the city. Lutsk and promised to fund the environmental event, particularly this year to allocate 200 thousand USD for the construction of enclosures. CE "Weasel" This was reported in Lutsk City Council

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/