At the Ternopil 213 participants were ATO land

participants received anti-terrorist operation in the ownership of 213 land with total area of ??35.26 hectares in Ternopil. Department Goszemagentstva and local governments Ternopil region have adopted 563 decisions on granting permits participants ATO develtion project land for allotment of 861 plots of land with total area of ??112.66 hectares. In particular, 496 plots for individual gardening in the territory of Ternopil, Kremenets, Zborivsky, Zbarazh, Buchatsky area of ??50 hectares; 27 - for personal peasant farms in Husiatyn, ZbarazkohO Kozova, Kremenetskogo, Pidvolochysky, Terebovlia Chortkivsk areas and the total area 40,9ha. 338 plots for construction and maintenance of residential homes, commercial buildings and structures within the Ternopil City Council and Buchatsky, Zbarazh, Zborivsky, Pidvolochysky, Podgaetskiy, Terebovlia, Ternopilskoho, Chortkiv districts with a total area 21,76ha. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration