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In Chernihiv region over the weekend helped rescue three citizens

April 4 in Chernihiv at 10:03 to the operational and management coordination center DSNS in Chernihiv Oblast asked the mistress of one of the apartment house on the street. Stakhanovist 10 to assist in opening the front door of apartmentWhich remained closed 2-year-old son. Woman in a few minutes out for, however, returned, open the door failed. With the challenge to the scene came 2nd division of the state of the Fire and Rescue. Using ladders rescuers got to the apartment on the 9th floor and opened the door excited mother home. On the same day at 2357 in his apartment on Prospect Mira, 35 because of the deteriorating health of the wheelchair fell to the floor and could not stand on their own 97-year-old mistress. Her cries for help heard neighbors and called rescuers. Experts rescue of UDSNS in Chernihiv region using hydraulic SPECIAL opened inderivatives door and helped the old woman, then woman ambulance medical personnel were taken to hospital. April 5 at 7:35 in the apartment, that street. Rokosovskogo, 18, became ill 85-year-old owner. The man fell to the floor and cried for help. Rescuers rescue of UDSNS in Chernihiv region, Mrrybuly call, hydraulic SPECIAL opened doors and helped health workers transported the man to the ambulance. Management DSNS in Chernihiv region