Guardians are asked to volunteer witnesses accidents that occurred in

of April 5 in Lviv as a result of road accidents injured two pedestrians. Drivers who committed the accident left the scene. Duty of the State to the city received information from the medical institution that appealed to them, 33-year-old man whoreported injuries resulting from the accident that occurred on April 5 about 05.20 hours in Lviv on the street Dovzhenko, 1. On the same day in the city suffered yet another similar case. Unknown driver, driving an unidentified vehicle, made a hit a 71-year-old woman, and went to the scene. The event took place aboutat 11 o'clock in Lviv on the street Skrypnyck, near the church. Because avtonayizdu pedestrian injured and was hospitalized. Guardians are asked to volunteer anyone who has any information about the circumstances of these accidents, and other information that can help in the search for these drivers runaway. We handleand call "102" or (032) 238-40-27 - in another part of the State Department of the city. Office of the State of the city