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In Chernihiv a seminar in order to implement the practice of " participatory budget " in local government

in Chernihiv city council held a seminar on "participatory budget: methodology, experience of the Republic of Poland, the possibility of introducing urban Ukraine." The organizer of the seminar - Polish-Ukrainiancooperation PAUCI that with the assistance of the Polish-Canadian program to support democracy in Ukraine implements the project "participatory budget". The implementation of this project involved Ukrainian city Cherkasy, Poltava and Chernihiv. In order to implement the European standards of local self-government involves PAUCI Polish and the Ukrainiankyh experts for training for officials of local governments, members of city councils and community organizations. The concept of "participatory budget" means a democratic process that provides citizens the right allocation of funds from the city budget. According to Polish experts, model desksytsypatornoho budget first appeared in 1989 in Brazil. Porto Alegre and by 2000 the spread in almost all Latin American cities. Since 2000, the practice of community involvement to make proposals regarding the cost of the budget for those needs of the community that residents of the city as the most urgent reached the countries of North Amerhetoric, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Experts Workshop Boris Martel Association "Topografie" (m. Lodz), Justin Pivka "Center of Social Communication" (Warsaw) briefed representatives of various structural units of the City Council of experience in implementing participatory budget in Poland, for example, the city of Lodz and Warsaw. Since 2011design used in Poland for the first time in the city. Sopot in 2014 and covers more than 100 Polish cities. Contributed by the city public spending proposals for the city budget approved by a vote of residents. Thus, in. Lodz, with 900 700 submitted proposals were admitted to voting, and to implement them by 80proposals for an amount that was allocated from the city budget, including 1% or 40 million. PLN. This year the city authorities allocate from the municipal budget proposals for the implementation of the community has 2.5%. According to the guests, most of the projects concerned the scope of municipal improvements, including: installation of recreation areas, roads, sidewalks, sporestive areas, as well as repair and improvement of educational institutions. According to participants, implementation mechanism "participatory budget" will expand the dialogue with the local community, to take into account the opinion of most residents in the formation of the local budget, define more clearly the priorities of residents and increase transpargrowth of decision-making city government, and hence the level of trust of the community to the city government. Polish experts stressed that such seminars are held in Cherkasy and Poltava, Chernihiv and later will be appropriate for training and public organizations. Department of Public Relations of the City Council