Ivano-Frankivsk police advises how to avoid robbery

Sentinels Carpathian appeal to citizens with warnings to be careful and cautious, because the danger can lie in wait everywhere and anytime. In particular, there are often situations where people through their own negligence or carelessness victims of crime. So offersmo advice on how to protect themselves from street robbers. According to police statistics, from street robberies often suffer the elderly, women and men, especially drunk. Attackers chosen victim defenseless man who can not do them enough resistance. Clean preferably wallet with money and a mobile phone and golddecorations. And in order to avoid becoming a victim of robbers police advised countryman not lose vigilance, because when you risk seems to be attacked minimum, an attacker acting swiftly and boldly. How to protect yourself from a robber? In the evening, avoid deserted, unlit places. Better to go where more vehicular traffic and Mr.erehozhyh avoid parks and landings. If you see an approaching citizen, which somehow causes distrust, go to the other side of the street. Because of the sudden attacks extremely difficult to protect yourself. A number of attacks by robbers do only women to pull them in her purse, which you need to wear the strap over his shoulder, hugging the body. I haven case, when you are attacked, try to loudly call for help, as recently as this way she was able to save himself and the police promptly arrested the robbers. Children and women should carry a whistle and, in an emergency, do not hesitate to use it. To protect against an attacker can use everything you have on hand, pen andFor pencil, keyring, umbrella, hair brush. When you see that the prey can not be avoided and you can not make a reliable support criminals, give what you require. Better look like a coward and loose material thing than to risk their lives and health. Pay attention to distinguishing marks attacker, it will helppolice establish his identity. Seeing the potential danger, or if you have become a victim of the attack, immediately call "102" or contact the nearest unit of the Interior region. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/