In Ternopil agent who took 34 thousand UAH for help in evading mobilization detained

investigators Regional Police Department are investigating criminal proceedings initiated on 30-year-old native of the Russian Federation for the proposal and obtain undue advantage for himself or a third person for impact Acceptttya decision by a person authorized to perform state functions. Young man detained by the Security Service of Ukraine management during receipt of thirty thousand. Money attacker took from a resident of Ternopil, promising the latter assist in evading mobilization. As the first deputy chief of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in raidsSTI Casimir ash suspect several times met with residents of Ternopil. So to discuss the details of the case, it is to take four thousand deposit. During the transfer of the principal amount of money - thirty thousand attacker detained by the SBU. When choosing a preventive measure petitioned the police to the suspect was VZyato custody. Because people still had problems with the law and currently has outstanding conviction, the court chose arrest. Pre-trial investigation continues. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region