"Weathervanes Lviv" combine music with six of

at the XIII International festival "Weathervanes Lviv" come musicians from Poland, Norway, Germany, Hungary, Ireland and Ukraine (including the Crimea and eastern cities). The festival will be held from 1 to 3 May. Reported by the organizers. Point ’ Friday, May 1, everything starts withPresentation of the first achievements of the Lviv school of jazz and modern music. Students and pupil of this project for several months dealing with leading jazz musicians Ukraine, so ready to demonstrate their skills. After they perform on stage Dzyga Jazz Quintet! Legendary musicians who began Lviv jazz distant 60th, this year celebrating its ais the 15th anniversary is on stage « Flugery & raquo ;. Lighter, but bold and honest music await on Ukrainian team Free Breath. Besides traditional powerful concerts under the stars that they are from the beginning of the year specifically to « Flugery » prepare performers from different countries, « Dzyga » and announce some outstanding claimREM ’ Jer. In particular, regular participants, languidly-hooligan « HYCH Orchestra » prepares premiere ’ EMU – new program « Under the brand name Ivan Yakovlevich & raquo ;. And another 1 May City Hall Courtyard perform completely unprofessional singer from Poland, who managed to leave forever be in the hearts of most picky Europeancritics. Ethno-electronic project Po? Udnice Elektronice luck to the city not only Polish folklore, but also Ukrainian. Women admit that they do not always fully understand what they sing. But stress that there need not understand and feel. On Saturday, May 2, on stage and off to celebrate the young teams and these bison quality artsa. An experienced and resourceful Richard Kanaforsky Quartet will meet very ambitious team that recently debuted on the Ukrainian scene – Meltdown. Also on this day on stage « Flugery » old friends of the festival – poetically of drive « Dzhalapita & raquo ;. However, this unexpected unity is completed. Nordychno-Solar Music – just so you can say about the work of the legendary Norwegian-Polish band Wovoka. However, it is difficult to predict how it will change the life and fate of festival visitors after meeting with the team FIRKIN, which in his work combine Hungarian and Irish culture. The second day « Flugery » promises to be a general ornot the loudest explosion of artistic Lviv spring, as to the Irish-Hungarian, Polish and Scandinavian poetic jazz band doyednayetsya Gambardellas, which carries drives alternative rock from Italy. The third day of the festival, May 3, will be devoted to Ukrainian teams, especially those representing the Crimea and East of our country. In particular, thisparticular, on « Weathervanes » Kramatorsky team went Ground Beat, which organizers met during the project « Peace Concerts & raquo ;, held at last year's Festival Jazz Bez. Kharkiv on the main spring festival city will present young and strong as a spring breeze, the group Szklo. Required ’ sure to come in « Weathervanes » one of the best friends of the festival Jacek Bielas Biele? ski from Polish Lodz, which introduces music fans with his new project Bielas I Koty Papie? a. Crimea present punks singing Crimean Tatar – group Shatur-Gudur. One of the many prime ’ Pierre – special program on which already works with conviction jazz gurt Shockolad and singer Beria Blessin. Another headliner third day – old friends of the festival, strongly optimistic and sunny conclusively Mi ?? sz Poland. Traditionally held on Sunday « Awaking of … & raquo ;. Format « Get Up » also meet the spirit of the third day of the festival, because Lviv wake of Harkew! This is not just a concert, and joint special project, around whose ideas about ’ joined the group « TNMK & raquo ;, which eternity ago formed in Kharkiv writer Sergei Zhadan, very young Kharkiv team Szklo and art about ’ unity « Dziga » . A moderated this year « Prokydan … » becomes true and absolutely poetic Yurko Izdryk. Told