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By Khmelnytsky advanced traffic police returned (+)

Within a month they served to Bahmutskiy track - one of the most dangerous roads ATO. Meet the soldiers came to family, friends, colleagues and community activists. - I am very pleased that go from the front of the reviews that Khmelnytsky police is an example of valiant service. They Matyschayut locals do not allow looting and adequately perform all tasks - Head of the Regional Department of the Interior. A month ago, on a business trip off 15 officers and turned 11. Four expressed a desire to stay for another month and help colleagues who came to replace them. - We served on Bahmutskiy trailsand that is the front line distinction - says Inspector Michael UGAI Paulhaguet for which it was the second trip to the area ATO. - Served at checkpoints, ensure road safety, controlled travel of citizens of occupied territory, and do other tasks management. Deputy Chairman of the Khmelnytsky Oblast State AdministrationLes stem consisting volunteer group visited our guys on the front. - The zone in which they served, from time to time obstrilyuvalas. Was constantly in danger. But God uberih them, and all came back alive and healthy - says Leo V.. - We have to remember that we are at risk for precious - their lives. SZEM MIA Ukpyramidal poplar in Khmelnytsky region