Rivne region, rescuers spent training and consultation workshop with educators region

April 2 workers PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region held informational Rose ’ yasnyuvalnyy seminar with the heads of departments and employees of Education district administrations, boards and executive committees of regional centers, directors of higher education fromakladiv and institutions of regional subordination. The purpose of the meeting: increased knowledge during the training process for fire protection and life safety, distribution of solid recommendations for action in terms of the emergence of possible emergencies and terrorist attacks. In his speech, the chief support of the center Holovnoho Management DSNS in Rivne region, Lieutenant Alexander civil protection Ulyanin brought to present information about the fires in the area and stopped in cases of fires due to children playing with fire. Also present were educators Rose ’ yasneno sequence of actions during emergencies, not to dopustyty injury or death of children. However, Colonel Alexander Ulyanin drew attention to working out plans for the evacuation of buildings in case of various kinds of emergencies, need to bring in the proper state of defense equipment civil protection placed on campus, fire protection, serviceabilityfire water systems and primary means of fire and more. After the meeting, the teachers received training videos and promotional and preventive cards of the main issues of civil protection for distribution in the field of education. &Laquo; The result of these meetings - health ’ I & Security younger Pocola, Bihorinnya. In practice and experience of promotion of safety of life among children in the learning process is very important and effective work, which then gives the results & raquo ;, - said Lt. Col. Alexander civil protection Ulyanin. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region

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