Transcarpathia: Volovechchyni for teachers, doctors and foresters taught fire safety rules

April 2 in the village Djankoy at the secondary school I-III stages was training in fire safety and civil protection issues. The event, held teacher training and methodological center of civil protection and life safety in OverCarpathian region, representatives of educational institutions, health care ’ I, forestry and entrepreneurs Volovetskogo area. The main attention was paid during the training rules of conduct under the threat or occurrence of fires and nadzvychanyh situations and to proceed with their elimination in the early stages. In particular, participants exercise devicvillas on how to use and actuate the primary means of fire. During the lecture center presented the main provisions of the Code of Civil Protection and other legal acts, tasks, members of volunteer fire brigades, fire units and the order of their creation. At the end of the event Seeacham showed a video dedicated to the rules of evacuation of the premises in case of fire. Teachers were grateful comments from the audience, which in the future will be able to effectively use the acquired knowledge during the training. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region