In Khmelnytsky vohneborets after hours saved on fire two people

April 1 at 17:49 on the item called ’ communications 5th State Fire and Rescue received a report of fire in an apartment n ’ storey residential building on the street. Chervonoarmijska in. Kam ’ Kamyanets-Podolsky. Called neighbors when they noticed smokewith windows on the first floor. Meanwhile, the happy coincidence of work back head of the organization of prevention of disasters and of civilian protection by Kam ’ Kamyanets-Podolsk district of the 2nd State Fire and Rescue Squad major civil defense Victor Klyus, who also saw the smoke from the window . On the busconspiracy People Viktor Nikolaevich learned that the house probably are people. Rescuer did not expect the arrival of fire trucks and not wasting precious time, risking their own safety and health ’ pits, knocked the glass and hit the heavily smoke-filled apartment through a window from which pulled 40-year-old. After immediately returnedI'm back to the house where he was another man. Vohneborets brought stone ’ yanchanyna to fresh air and gave doctors. For 4 minutes to place another call came compartment fire-rescue department. Through coordinated efforts of rescuers and professional skills as part of service level gazodymozaschitny eliminated fire, do not let whatDo all high-rise fire spreading. The fire destroyed the mattress and household items, sooty walls and ceiling of the room. The likely reason – careless handling of fire while smoking. Preserving life stone ’ yanchan Victor Klyus with dignity performed his required ’ roads, once again proving the assertion thatLifeguard – not a profession but a vocation, elected only by the will of the heart. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast