Already 119 citizens Vinnichiny declared tax discount mortgage

So they paid 2792.6 thousand. UAH. the interest on your mortgage and claim a refund from the local budget 406,4 thous. paid tax on personal income. The mechanism of this return is based on the provisions of the Tax Code (hereinafter - CLE). In particular, thisparticular, in accordance with Art. 166 and 175 CLE taxpayer - resident has the right to include tax rebate a portion of the interest on residential mortgage loan granted to a borrower in local or foreign currencies actually paid during the tax year. The amount of payments in foreign currency are converted intoUAH at the NBU exchange rate ruling at the date of payment of such interest. This right arises when due mortgage loan is built or bought a house (apartment, room), defined by the taxpayer as his principal place of residence, in particular the mark in the passport of the registration of the location of such housing.Include the amount of interest can be a mortgage for 10 consecutive calendar years from the year in which: residential mortgages purchased; built residential mortgage becomes the property of the taxpayer and began to be used as a primary residence. If the mortgage is greater than 10 calendar years, humanof the tax rebate for new residential mortgage loan occurs after full repayment of the previous loan. Also, the tax relief in accordance with paragraphs. 166.3.8 can include the amount of expenses related to the payment of expenses for construction (purchase) of affordable housing by law, including the repayment of preferential mortgageth loan provided for such purposes and interest. For tax payer discounts with the declaration should be given to the DPI credit agreement and notarized mortgage agreement; relevant vouchers, which clearly defines the amount paid interest on your mortgage and surname, name and patronymic Mr.latnyka tax; passport taxpayer with registration mark the location of a residential building (apartments, rooms) for which issued residential mortgage loan; registration number of the taxpayer registration card (or passport mark in the refusal of the registration number); proof of employment of accrual (payment) incomein the form of wages withheld tax and unified social will make more. Calculation of tax relief is made in Annex 3 to the tax return of property and income. Declaration together with the application and supporting documents must be submitted to the local tax office in the period to 31 December of the year following the reporting period. PRo is reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration