556 Street Chernihiv serves municipal road-construction company working on

municipal road-building enterprise Chernihiv City Council in 2014 reported on an extended meeting its director Alexander Shkurat. He said that staff KSHBP last year performed the construction, overhaul and maintenance, utrying objects of the road network, as well as improvement of the city. In KSHBP service is: - 556 city streets with a total length 360.6 km., Of which 253.4 km. with asphalt coating; - 4 bridges and 2 overpasses; - About 63 km. stormwater and 4 km. drainage, storm 827 and 787 manholes; - 59 Red Lights facilities; - About 6000 road signs; - 14.6 km. directing pedestrian fence; - 12.5 km. Transport fence. For effective functioning of the enterprise: - Red Light Service 12 people; - Crew, serving storm chain (10 people), and staff of treatment facilities (8 persons); - 3 br repairyhady (21 employees and 5 masters). In addition, more than 30 people serving a large fleet of road building and transport equipment. Within KSHBP mobilization for the army sent three trucks and excavators. A. Shkurat expressed concern that the vast majority of existing technology taken out of production because of this cause difficulties for repairin. Thus, in 2014 for the repair and restoration of major road construction machines and mechanisms spent more than 128.5 thousand. Nevertheless, during the year by the company repaired 58 thousand. Sq.m. asphalt pavement, grading and made and adding 37.4 thousand. sq.m. streets are coated with 11.3 km. or 3.3 thousand. sq.m. road markings. DirectorKSHBP said that last year the company performed its own road construction and an average of 1.3 million. per month, which is 44% above the monthly work 2013. According to the head, the main construction works were performed with the greatest expansion of the city cemetery "Yatsevo." It works performed using chetstehniky totaling 344.4 thousand. Also numerous appeals residents and to address the Commission on Security and traffic organization in Chernihiv light object built at the intersection of Ripky and Starobilouskoyi. The cost of operations was 287.3 thousand. UAH. The same intersection in work has been extendedto improve traffic safety, the total area of ??work was more than 2.3 thousand. sq.m. asphalt pavement in the amount of 484.3 thousand. A. Shkurat informed of major repairs: - More than 4.4 thousand. Sq.m. asphalt pavement street. Kyiv (878.5 thous.) - More than 1.2 thousand. Sq.m. asphalt pavement street. Tolstoy (218.4 tys.hrp.); - More than 3 thousand. Sq.m. sidewalk on the street. Rokossovskogo (589.3 thous.). Were constructed and installed 255 road signs totaling 133 thousand .. Last year KSHBP performed routine repairs ob1yektiv that are in service: - 46.3 thousand. Sq.m. asphalt pavement of roads and sidewalks in the amount of 6.7 mln .; - InExcavations idnovleno 5.3 thousand. sq.m. 1.5 mln .; - Repaired 39 and 18 stormwater manholes in the amount of 99 thousand .; - Set 580 MP directing pedestrian fence and 220 sq.m. repaired in the amount of 90 thousand. USD. Maintenance 59 traffic light objects at a cost of 1.3 mln., And service network stormwater, sewagex structures, manholes and storm - 2.1 mln. A. Shkurat addressed the enlarged meeting together to take care of the order of around storm grates. "A team of 10 people can not after a heavy shower at the same time to clean all the grates in the city, which at a critical moment are clogged garbage" - he explained. A separate task entrepreneur,SMEs are festive decoration of the city. In particular, the KSHBP stored for a year shestytonna artificial Christmas tree purchased in Illichevsk. Force the employees and experts of the manufacturer using special equipment is mounted to the Christmas holidays, and therefore understands. The company also is responsible for the delivery and installationI am a small stage used for citywide celebrations. Last year in this area was done work on the $ 316.3 thousand. At year-end, according to the director, KSHBP paid to the budgets of different levels of more than 2 million. 360 thousand. Including single social tax - 1.2 mln., Almost 740 thousand. PIR and 414 thousand. income tax. The average salary last year was 2 722 USD., Which is 12% higher than in 2013. According to A. Shkurat his team - a responsible and experienced professionals in their tracks. Separately, the director stopped at a ratio of construction works. He worries that by inertsitsiey company moves by "patching holes". Thus, 68% of the work - a maintenance, 18.7% - complete major repairs and only 13.3% - new construction. "We would, of course, would significantly change the ratio in favor of increasing the share of new construction and major repairs, especially the main thoroughfares of the city"- Said Alexander Shkurat. He said that currently the company for the most important - it timely payments for work performed, as asphalt and fuel purchase is a prerequisite activities. In fact, teams KSHBP already started repairs on the streets of our city. Without limiting the traffic is done patching repairs. A. Shkurat withapevnyv that collective municipal road-building enterprise is ready to work responsibly and efficiently to improve the quality of roads and sidewalks Chernigov, which is an integral part of creating a positive image of the city. Department of Public Relations of the City Council

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