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Ternopil Regional Administration gave books to soldiers in the area ATU

more than a thousand books collected in the Ternopil regional state administration within the "Books for soldiers in the area ATO" initiated Ternopil diocese UOC (KP). March 31 representatives of the State Administration gave the organizers of the book. According to Acting Deputy Chairman oblderzhadministratsiyi John Babiychuk, action "Books for soldiers in the area ATO" is very important and necessary in shnomu time. "Those who returned home from the East talk about how psychologically difficult to withstand all pressures caused by war, where every day the bullets killed your friends and family when there ruins and death. And for many it was the Ukrainian patriotismAtlantic book can become the "saving circle" which detract a little from the realities and lift the spirit, inspire faith in victory, "- said John G.. In turn, the Archbishop of Ternopil, Kremenets and Buchatskiy Nestor said that the military also need books that are in military hospitals. "Volunteers within ATO tryensure soldiers who are there, all necessary for the body, but for people who are in the midst of daily fighting, or were there important psychological relaxation and spiritual enrichment, "- he said. According to him, already coming days literature go east. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration