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Cross the road for peace and the integrity of Ukraine was the main streets of Ternopil

March 29 central streets of Ternopil was the Cross prayer. The symbolic wooden cross as a symbol of earthly suffering of Jesus habitats habitats to turn carried clergy, government, volunteers, relatives of dead soldiers and ATO with Heavenly HeroesHophni, representatives of youth organizations and journalists. One of the habitats Cross nose Ternopil Mayor Sergei Nadal. &Laquo; Every year thousands of Ternopil join the processions, which is traditionally held on the eve of Easter light. This year called ’ connection with the events in Ukraine is of particular importance. This marchdevoted to peace and unity of Ukraine. We pray for the memory of Heroes hundreds of Heaven, Heavenly army, we ask the Lord for health ’ I ATO, police and volunteers & raquo ;, - said Sergey Nadal. The 14 stationary thousands ternopolyan pondered Way of the Cross of Jesus Christ Gospel reading passion, performed spiritual songs, pray together accounted forTSS for peace and the integrity of Ukraine. The feature of this year's march was the fact that the symbolic nesinnya Cross joined the military. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council