In Volyn Oblast arms trader still sits in jail

Volyn Oblast Prosecutor's Office has made a just punishment for luchanyna that illegally marketed weapons. As the head of supervision of the observance of laws by the Security Service of Ukraine, State Customs Service and the State Border Service regional prosecutor's office Yuri NovosHell, last October, a resident of the regional center, by prior agreement with a group of people on site car washing attempted to illegally sell firearms – Ten submachine guns " Scorpion " production of the Czech Republic and ammunition to them. For arsenal armed man had to win 20 thousand euros. But there was a delayforcibly " in the hot " employees of the Security Service of Ukraine in the Volyn region. Although earlier this citizen already served his sentence for committing a robbery, Lutsk City Court sentenced him, not associated with the actual imprisonment. In connection with the appointment of punishment to the accused, which is notcorresponding to the seriousness of the offense and the person convicted, prosecutors appealed the ruling on appeal. Court of Appeal granted the prosecutor claim area. Man found guilty of the crime and sentenced type 4 years imprisonment. This was reported in the press service of the Prosecutor Volyn region