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In Chernivtsi region during the arrest attacker inspectors used the handcuffs ...

After receiving information about the illegal appropriation of a vehicle and the movement of stolen VAZ2121 « Field » Zalischyky towards the post road patrol in the village Zvynyachyn inspectors closed the gate. Service car pratsivnMAP SAI wellas and prudently blocked the road towards Repuzhyntsiv. It is here and turned fugitive. However, at the request of inspectors stop opposite — added speed. A few miles on a dirt road continued persecution. &Laquo; Field » maneuvered anything tried to escape, at ’ yizhdzhala patrol car, from time to time nerekryvav her way. But in the village escaped Khreschatyk lost orientation and drove out, of which no departure was not. Realizing that this trap, the attacker locked car doors. However, the inspector of road patrol with the help of the district police officer was able, nevertheless, to get to the driver and put him in handcuffs. Detainees pravoohorontsi transferred investigative team police that a few minutes later arrived on the scene. Caused a dramatic story 27-year-old resident of the village Repuzhyntsi. That evening he took over someone else's car in the village of Little Kuchuriv rate in the territory, which, incidentally, was under guard. An attacker acted decisively prolamavshy car closed gate. However,from ’ it turned out, equally strongly " hot pursuit " can act and police ... Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Chernivtsi region