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Vinnytchina: rescuers took part in the campaign "The future of the forest is in your hands" March 30

over 20 personnel of the State Fire and Rescue parts of the city. Kozyatyn and regional sector HUDSNS headed by the chief civil defense Colonel Dmitry Svitlyshynym joined one of the first the action « The future of the forest is in your hands » ;. Rescuers seedlings planted 25 thousand pine granted rayahrolisom plantation designated for afforestation, near the village. Tytusivka. Employees of believing that all trees pryymutsya and eventually cheer eyes of the local population. The purpose initiated event which takes place this year from 21 in March to 21 April, is growing up in educationWhat generation of respect for nature, ensuring interest in the preservation of forest plantations, compliance behavior in the forest, Rose ’ explanation of general public importance of creating forest plantations. So rescuers gladly took part in this event because they know how important it is to preserve forest plantations.PG DSNS Ukraine in Vinnitsa region