In Chernihiv region under conditions of cold weather increases the number of fires

in cold weather conditions in Chernihiv growing number of fires in which die in the fire and injured residents of predominantly private housing sector. The main reasons for such statistics is the neglect of the rules of safe use of electrical appliances and heating, neoBerezhna use of fire, mainly smoking in bed drunk. Only in the last week in Chernihiv region emerged 23 fires in which 9 people were killed and another injured. With this in mind, rescuers Management DSNS in Chernihiv Oblast calling citizens not to smoke in bed, especially drunk ch&Rsquo; yaninnya thoroughly douse cigarette butts and matches and pay attention to fire safety devices and electric heating. Furnaces should be thoroughly inspected and refurbished and chimneys cleaned of soot. Do not leave unattended heaters to overheat and their use for ignition of flammable and combustible liquids. In tWow, can not stoke the furnace with open doors, dry them about clothes, wood and other combustible materials. Revealed cracks in the furnace need time zashparovuvaty. YM Anykiyenko, Deputy Head of DSNS in Chernihiv region