A resident of Rivne welcomed the 100 th anniversary of the

yesterday, the day of Candlemas was exactly one hundred years since the birth of another rivnyanky - Irina Andreevny Koziychuk. In yuvilyarky was not an easy life, but, as she admitted, going through all the events supported by higher powers. Belief in God, a positive attitude to life, to be sure, and were decisive andMs. Irina ins as high achieving such a ripe old age. On Sunday yuvilyarka celebrated birthday with his family. And on Monday to congratulate Irina A. came to Deputy Mayor Sergei Vasylchuk, head of labor and social protection Vera Miller, representatives of social service pension fund, the press and television. Welcoming the birthday girl, inwished her good health, long life and harmony in her home. - One hundred years you look, even though we know that hard work. - Noted there. - Because I always know that God is above me - said Irina A.. - I always went to church, and is always pray and ask yourself health and family. Irina Koziychuk had five didren, four sons and a daughter. Unfortunately, her husband and sons died long ago, my mother takes care of my daughter, Raisa A., who has 67 years. - Among the oldest old in our family have been my grandmother, my father's mother, she lived 104 years - says Ms. Rice. - Here and now mom was best. Family yuvilyarky a large, four grandson, two granddaughters, eight great-grandchildrenThree great-grandson. Why fate bestowed her a long life have only guess, because she lived in the village, holding farm and never lived in luxury. We congratulate yuvilyarku and wish her good health, respect and love from family and friends! Nelia ZABOLOTNA 7d.rv.ua This was reported in the Rivne City Council

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