Minsky agreement - Ukraine victory, but Putin can not believe - "Free Microphone"

Most residents of Western Ukraine and Kyiv do not believe that last Minsky agreement will end the war in eastern Ukraine. However, about 70% of the national "Open mic" on TV ZIK still see in arrangements more positive aspectsThan negative. President of Ukraine Poroshenko after talks with the leaders of the "Norman format" in Minsk. Photo: UBA / Facebook These are the results of a survey of traditional rubric program « Q & raquo ;, week during removal of February 14 sounded so: « Minsky deal – victory or defeat? & raquo ;. Peopleno speakers isolated several reasons why Minsky agreement should be considered a victory rather than defeat to Ukraine. The main – real chance to stop the bloodshed, which the country has just committed ’ was linked into use. &Laquo; Anyway it – victory for will help save someone's life. I think if fighting and do not stopin full, at least not have such a large scale, – uzhhorodets convinced. &Ndash; But I doubt very much that in the future these arrangements implemented in full. I think this is not peace, but truce ’ I, and maybe it will not last too long & raquo ;. Even a brief lull in Ukraine is extremely necessary to recome from the forces, – Ukrainian convinced. &Laquo; Minsky agreement gives us time to increase the combat effectiveness of our army & raquo ;, – suggested one of the many participants « Free Microphone & raquo ;. And he added: « Minsky agreement shows that Europe is ready to support us, Europe is not coming in the ultimatum. Blackmail on pageHN Europe Russia considers unacceptable & raquo ;. By the way, 20% of respondents called Minsk-2 is a victory on the diplomatic front. In particular, it is important that the negotiations took place at the level of Heads of State. &Laquo; From the viewpoint of the diplomatic game we win, – thought from Kiev. &Ndash; Putin was forced to take part in talks and performances, guarantee agreements. This means that he can not vidstoronyuvavsya of what is happening in Ukraine. But from a practical point of view, unfortunately, it does not mean anything. War as long and lasts & raquo ;. It is the fact that in practice Minsky transaction will not significantly change the situation on the front, about 20% of people's speakers explained why centuriesazhayut arrangements defeat Ukraine. &Laquo; only a day about a hundred vehicles crossed our border. No truce? I will not. They still want to grab Debaltseve, Mariupol & raquo ;, – said one of the participants. &Laquo; During the war, negotiations are possible in two formats – or to win, or to recognize its cf.azky. The one format that offered us, namely the actual recognition of de jure « DNR » and « FSC » &Ndash; This defeat. Moreover, Ukraine is forced to restore infrastructure. That is, all destroyed Russia during the year, now will recover funds from the budget of Ukraine & raquo ;, – said from Kiev. However, even thosebelieve Minsky Agreement victory for Ukraine, do not believe that Putin will carry out an agreement to end. About 90% of people's speakers convinced to trust the president of Russia – deceive themselves. &Laquo; how many times he lied as signed these agreements; But then starts troops, equipment! & Raquo ;, – gave people in Kyivand. &Laquo; Putin – unpredictable, because only God knows what will continue & raquo ;, – Lutsk resident added. So many members « Free Microphone » were very cautious in their assessments of the Minsk agreements, noting: it takes time to see how the agreement will be performed. And after that you can make at least some youconclusions. &Laquo; must pass at least a few days after the 15th of February. Then more or less become clear that we deal Minsky – defeat or victory, – suggested people in Rivne. &Ndash; If they manage to stop the bloodshed, if stop shelling towns – it will win & raquo ;. &Laquo; currently it is not a defeat, andnot a victory. I think that will be one more talks. Minsk-1 was held Minsk-2. I think it will be even Minsk-3, and, perhaps, and Minsk-4. There is still a lot of arrangements & raquo ;, – predicted a young man in Chernivtsi. More thoughts on Ukrainian Minsky agreement can be heard every night on TV ZIK in special issues « Free mikrofoto » &Ndash; &Laquo; Question of the week & raquo ;. Current issues program see every day and every hour during the day and evening. Told

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