Chernihiv Region: rescuers eliminated overnight 19 fires that have occurred as a result of burning of dry vegetation and debris

With the onset of warm weather fires are a scourge, as in last year's spring sunshine vegetation remains dry quickly and easily flare thrown from a match or cigarette butts. Moreover, ignoring the requirements of a number of existings legislative documents, people massively burned in home gardens, agricultural lands and fields of dry grass, stubble, leaves or debris. As a result, only the last day in Chernihiv in the circumstances there was 19 fires burned about 90 hectares of damaged 11 buildings. Thus, March 26 at 11:30 am to Rescue « 101 » in Novhorod Seversky region was reported fire 2 and 3 auxiliary buildings neekspluatuyemyh residential buildings in the village. Lenki. At the scene firefighters arrived promptly State Fire and Rescue parts. Their coordinated and professional actions at 12:30 localize fire, and finally eliminated at 13:45. Coers DSNS prevented the destruction by fire 5 houses and deliver tangible assets totaling nearly 150 thousand. USD. Probable cause of the fire was the uncontrolled soldering dry vegetation. On the same day at 12:57 to the Rescue « 101 » in Korop District received a report of a fire and non-residential building gospodarchoyi buildings in the village. Krasnopolye. At the scene firefighters arrived promptly State Fire and Rescue parts of the district center. The firefighting lasted about an hour. The preliminary cause of the fire was the burning of garbage 79-year-old local resident. In similar circumstances in the village. Nyzkivka Shchors lit 61-year-old woman withear vegetation led to the destruction by fire of two auxiliary buildings, in addition, damaged house. Rescuers again turning the population to comply with fire safety measures. Do not dilute the fire, do not throw cigarette butts or matches outstanding buildings nearby in the forest park areas, fields, meadows and roadsides.The consequences of such negligence can be unpredictable. Management DSNS in Chernihiv region