Zhytomyr region, pyrotechnics destroyed three hand grenades F-1

March 25, paragraph called ’ communications 10th State Fire and Rescue parts of the city. Novograd Volyn was reported that a street in the district center found a suspicious object like on the grenade. This was announced nadzvychaynykiv Service Manager « 102 & raquo ;.How can ’ it turned out, a local resident was digging a trench near the fence of a house. He heard a ringing blow of spades and thought that touched the stone. But after looking closely, youth suggested that the land can be ammunition. Touch the unknown object he dared, so turned to experts. Experts DSNS who came to the place of call, A tour of discovery and identified it as a hand grenade F-1 munitions. pyrotechnics went to Volynskyy, and destroyed pieces of a specially designated place. Our current line of pyrotechnic works works with. Bilokorovychi Olevskyi area where locals found 2 more identical hand grenades. In DSNS inZhytomyr region

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