In Ukraine, for the last two weeks due to fires in ecosystems killed 4 people

Dear citizens! Often burning dead wood grows in large-scale fire. Especially in open areas where fire spread rate is extremely high. In settlements burning grass can grow in an uncontrolled burning and threaten Destroying houses and lives. Only in March this year were more than 3.1 thousand. Cases of fires due to burning dry grass and waste, which had been destroyed as a result of significant woodlands, residential and commercial buildings. In addition, the fire in natural ecosystems Stand ’ attributable not only to economic losses Zabdinnyu damage to the environment, but also lead to tragic cases. In the last two weeks because of this kind of fire killed 4 people. In this regard, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine urges citizens to observe fire safety near forests, open areas and during cleaning gardens. Nagaduyemo that for unauthorized burning dry vegetation or residual provides for administrative and criminal penalties. Such actions threaten the environment and pose a risk to human life. Do not burn dry grass, dilute a fire in the woods, do not create garbage in the forest and adjacent areas, especially not duringsmoke them. After all, this leads to large-scale fires and tragic consequences. If you see a fire in forests and plantations in the open areas immediately call « 101 & raquo ;. Pam ’ Note that only observe basic rules of fire safety warn of grave consequences.