Luciana met their heroes

Tears of joy, laughter, happy hug joined hundreds of Luciano, who met at the Theater Square demobilized soldiers Tank Battalion of the 14th separate mechanized brigade. These heroes perform combat missions in the towns of Lugansk and Donetsk regions. The boys went to the service in the spring of 2014year. Now they have returned home to their loved ones. In the central square of the city for the military staged a reception. Along with family and friends, brothers, soldiers came to greet the public and RSA chairman Vladimir Hunchyk and Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk. No sooner had the men get out of the busAs were in the arms of relatives. No holding back tears and smiles. Then the boys went corridor, which formed Luciano, the applause and shouts of "Heroes." Started ceremony Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk. He said that we have - a holiday, because we meet our fellow countrymen, who defended their homeland in the East. "We are pleased to welcome you in Lutsk. All eovho you expected. Thank returning home alive, "- he said. The mayor said that since the draft guys lived a difficult year full of difficult trials. According to him, in the east, killing many of our countrymen, Ukrainian. Nicholas Romaniuk urged those present to honor a moment of silence all those who gave their lives for Ukraine.Also it myself, at the town council, Luciano thanked by military feat of arms, for courage and heroism. "Thank all of you" - Mykola Romaniuk. With the words of greetings to the participants and asked the head of Volyn Regional State Administration Volodymyr Hunchyk, a member of ATO Roman Lyashko, mother's ATO Alla Mrochko, student raidssnoho Lyceum with heavy military sportsmanship Michael Zhurkevych and a representative of the parent committee Yaroslav Mudryk. Thanked for the protection of his country's troops and recited a poem for them and kindergarten pupil number 9 Anastasia Demenyk. Girls dressed in Ukrainian loaf gave our brave servicemen andChildren presented flowers boys and balloons. Tank Battalion Soldiers put the basket of flowers to fotostendu Heroes Hundreds of Heaven and died in TU. At the end of the event Mykola Romaniuk thanked Luciano, who were our heroes welcome and invited to make a joint military photos in memory. This was reported in Lutsk City Council