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Volyn region, rescuers had preventive work to prevent burning

dead March 26 rescuers together with police officers raided and ecologist check in towns Karasynskoyi, Serhivskoyi, Prylisnenskoyi Haluziyskoyi and village councils Manevychi area. It is in their territory often encountered byhorannya dry grass and turf ’ wooden lands. During the raids revealed violations of fire safety and environmental legislation, namely the village council areas Haluziyskoyi recorded fact ignite dry vegetation, leading to fire economic structures. The offender, 54 – annual villagers sector, or, compiled Fr.neighborhood of art. CAO 77-1. Among those workers had DSNS Rose ’ yasnyuvalnu work printed and distributed explaining to prohibit the burning remnants of dry vegetation. In DSNS in Volyn region