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April 23-24 in Ternopil held events dedicated to the last battle soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army

March 26, the second session of the Organizing Committee for the Ternopil Oblast 55th anniversary of the battle soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army during hamlet Vines Berezhansky area. Took part in it representatives Ternopilskoyi Regional Council and structural subdivisions regional state administration. Recall 2015 in Ternopil region declared the Year of the rebel victory in honor of 55th anniversary of the battle, the soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army near the village Shumlyany Podgaetskiy area. The corresponding decision was taken to Ternopil oblast Council. RozpochnetXia Year rebel victory in measures 23 and 24 April at Berezhanschyni. In particular, the program - a thematic conference in Berezhany museum, a traveling photo exhibition, training for young people from different parts of Ukraine "Ukrainian Insurgent worth." Also, as noted by the deputy head of the regional state administration Leonid Bytsyura threerienced work on publishing a book on the activities of the UPA in Ternopil. Another initiative is conducting classes in educational institutions has devoted the last battle of the UPA in Ternopil. "In our region is very significant that in the Ternopil region, near the village. Shumlyany Podgaetskiy District, April 14, 1960 took place last zadokumentovanyy fight UPA parts of the NKVD, - said Deputy Head of Ternopil Oblast State Administration. - Let us introduce young patriots with a history of UPA method of struggle, prominent persons. Also, our activities we aim at people who are influenced by manipulation and zombies and believe that the UPA - a gangster oddstion, and its members have collaborated with the Nazis, Nazis. We want to bring that soldiers 15 years after the war, fought on two fronts - against the Nazis and the Bolsheviks. " This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration