Chernihiv, personnel and decision makers chemically hazardous facilities area worked actions in the event of emergencies

March 25 in Chernihiv based CED "Chernihiv HPP LLC" Tehnova "responsible persons of chemically dangerous about ’ objects and field leaders district and city departments of Management DSNSheld in Kyiv a seminar about revealing ’ yektovym training for action in case of emergency. During the seminars, chaired by the Deputy Chief UDSNS Lieutenant Colonel George civil protection Anykiyenka in the form of dialogue discussed the state for employees chemically hazardous enterprises means indievidualnoho protection, implementation of early detection of emergency situations as soon as they occur, as well as the procedure for organizing and conducting special about ’ yektovyh training on civil protection in such undertakings. During the demonstration training involving specialized services of the city worked alertswarning and evacuation of personnel CEP "Chernihiv HPP LLC" Tehnova "in the defenses, which is located on the premises. In addition, the training staff teams of emergency medical service conducted practical training to provide first aid to victims of emergencies.Finally, operational units and Rescue Service together with staff about ’ waste facility action by the emergency spout of chemically hazardous substances. Department of Radiation and chemical and biological defense Rescue Division Specialty UDSNS conducted reconnaissance state of danger and organized stickersadannya the damaged tank special bandages. In order to reduce the concentration of fumes, fire and rescue units carried deposition dangerous cloud water jets. As a result of the workshop and training identified key measures to improve the protection of population and territories from the field of chemical hazards. Management DSNS in Junenihivskiy area