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In combating human trafficking Vinnichchina moving to EU standards (+ photos)

in the one-day working visit to Vinnitsa region EU Mission experts on combating trafficking in human beings, March 26, Vinnitsa diplomats met with representatives of entities engaged measures in combating trafficking in Vinnytsia region, includingand NGOs. Representatives of the Department of Family, Youth and Sports Departments of Education, Health and resorts, Social Affairs Administration, as well as experts from the regional employment center in the Department of the Interior and services for children RSA discussed the results of these fromomstv of implementing state policies against human trafficking. As experts assured the EU mission deputy head of the Department of Family, Youth and Sports Natalya Zabolotnaya, Vinnichchine in combating human trafficking held a lot of work, there are a number of developments. Yes, she said, to coordinate the efforts of all agencies workingin this area in July 2012 established the Interagency Council on family and gender equality, economic development, prevention of domestic violence and human trafficking is fully functioning and to resolve issues that require coordination. For each area of ??work are separate working group that allows moreSTART solve problems. Among the group and on combating trafficking in human beings. The region has experience to establish the status of persons affected by human trafficking. During 2012-2014 years of local state administrations received 7 applications from 6 citizens of Ukraine to establish that status. "If we consider these statements bytype of operation, the relation of forced begging asked 2 people on sexual exploitation - also 2 person labor exploitation - 1 person, as well as the sale of a child - 1 person. Among those who called for help, four operated in Russia, one citizen - in Italy. As a result of consideration of documents relevant hundredtus found 5 persons. All victims assisted, including material "- said Natalia Zabolotnaya In addition, since 2012 in a project the OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine "National Implementation mechanism of interaction of carrying out activities in combating human trafficking." Its implementing partnerat the regional level is the NGO "Progressive Women". Since late last year launched its second phase, which runs until 2019. "An important outcome of the project is to train professionals to work in providing assistance to victims of trafficking. In trained 15 trainers who will train public officials already on the localin the level of new ways of working with victims that meet the challenges of the time "- said Natalia Zabolotnaya. Another achievement are presented in, she said, is the inclusion of a special course on the issue of combating human trafficking, exploitation and abuse of children subject to practical training refresher courses and Vinnytsia RegionalINSTITUTE postgraduate education teaching staff. In addition, each year in the regional budget funds for activities in combating human trafficking, including the 2015 planned 17.5 thousand. UAH. EU experts are familiar with the work of Sector for Refugees and Social Integration Department of the StateMigration Service in Vinnitsa region, and also had the opportunity to talk to representatives of the main subjects of cooperation in combating human trafficking Zhmerynka City Council. Overall, the results of the mission in our country have been placed on March 27 at a briefing in the EU Delegation to Ukraine. Reported in the Vinnitsa ODA