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John Krysak: "We must daklasty every effort to increase the performance of mobilizing"

Berezhansky area completed mobilization plan 43% Husyatyn - 52%. This was during a meeting held March 26 that the acting head of the Ternopil Oblast State Administration Ivan Krysak, said the military commissar Ternopil OblastOn the military commissariat Colonel Vladimir Katyn. Participation in the meeting was also attended pidrozidiliv heads of OSA. As stated Vladimir Katyn, Zbarazkiy Lanivtsi areas and provide a plan for 90% Zborowski, Kozova - 66%, 69% -the Podvolochisskiy, Terebovlyansky - 65% Chertkovsky - 48% Kremenetskiy and Shumsky- 86% Borshchiv - 65%. "The lowest figures for implementation and mobilization in Buchach Monastyrskyi area, only 24%", - stated the military commissar. As a result of meeting John Krysak instructed heads of business units, responsible for mobilization in each of the areas, to monitor the progress of it and take all necessary Matodiv to improve performance. "By the end of the second stage of the fourth stage partial mobilization remains a matter of days, Ternopil yet fulfilled the plan by 59% - said John Krysak. - We must daklasty best to increase this figure. " This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration