Wilhelm Habsburg: Idealist decree of Ukrainian politics

" ... I stubbornly believe in independence and unity our sovereignty, we are all so cute Ukraine State " W.Habsburgs, 23/10/1933 p. Our bloody and shaky Ukrainian Independence and Unity painted destinies of millions of Ukrainian lives and deaths. Memory and on theirworship - a sign of our culture and national right to continue living. Among such high esteem and self-sacrificing love for our land and there were strangers. extremely important to their care and feelings as opposed to short-term Sabbath strangers to " our, not their land & quot ;, they interpreted solely as a way to gain even Manipulyatyvno create false patriotic " legions " as if its defense under nationalist slogans and banners. So my vision, thanks to the man-Ukrainian-Austrian fate Wilhelm Habsburg (10.02.1865-18.08.1948), which itself with the protest, and then love has defined Ukrainian, noting in a letter to a politician natsiyetsentrychnoyi opiyentatsiyi: " We are " blood " at least in our common way of thinking " (In a letter dated 10.15.1916 g.). He continued this idea after meeting with Sich Riflemen Eugene Konovalets: " You know, gentlemen, that I truly loved the Ukrainian people and myself feel Ukrainian. But I never thought about any career in Ukraine. However, whenWill the whole Ukrainian nation, that I stanuv led his country, I do not vidkazhusya this & quot ;. Then this will in May 1918 showed military units in Odessa, trying to overthrow regime Hetman Skoropadsky as pro-Russian puppet. Sich Riflemen this idea alien to Ukrainian throne is not supported, but had the honormilitant vyshkolyuvatysya led by Habsburg Archduke Wilhelm, whose tribute and acceptance in their own circle named Basil Vyshyvany and gave the sign Ukrainian embroidery ... April 1, 1918, as he says Habsburg, he's a graduate of the Vienna Academy took military " command of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen & quot ;, that ctoyaly then garrison near Kherson, Ukraine to liberate the South from Moscow-Bolshevik occupation. Impressions from South and East Ukrainian he had the best possible: " The territory of ancient Zaporozhye has suddenly conscious Ukrainian population. I talked with farmers, particularly around Tsaritsyn Kuta and found that Ukrainian traditionCossacks living there too. In all the breaks in them and antiquity. Many says that his grandfather or great-grandfather was a " Host & quot ;. Everyone is proud that he is the Free Cossack family " (P. 134). Of course, this aristocrat Spirit spoke Ukrainian (his native language - Italian), which he learned from his own Zhovnir Primak hundreds of Ternopilschyny. Simple Zhovnir taught him the language of our great essential textbook - national songs. That lecture was good evidence recollection of the famous historian Dmytro Doroshenko: " In. Vyshyvanyy spoke very well in Ukrainian, but Galician dialect. He loved all over Galicia ... " (P. 68). The first Ukrainian book Habsburg " Small cithorium Ukraine " Michael Hrushevskoho. Then read Frank, handicrafts, Stefanik, Khotkevych, " Shevchenko I read with enthusiasm, as well as all the literature Rifle " (P. 131). Sich Riflemen - the first Ukrainian Avengers twentieth century - called " single Ukrainian national army & quot ;, which fought exclusively Ukrainian NAimportant government actions concerning case " against Ukraine as hnobytelky & quot ;. That is what this formation was especially nice to him (p. 133). In addition, it is constantly threatened by the dissolution of Austria, not unreasonably suspected Ukrainian ukrayinskoderzhavniy exclusively in their orientation. This was the main motive for Habsburg lead the Ukrainian Legion: " Yomin hrozylo constantly solving on the part of Austria, which I tried in every way to prevent & quot ;. And very to the fact that after a long pressure Habsburg said boss General Staff Artsovi of readiness in the event of dissolution of the Ukrainian Legion samoruch raise revolt against Austria, " when they understand wherein I knew that for the Ukrainian SichRiflemen we will all Ukrainian regiments of the Austrian army " (P. 13). In addition, the Archduke very well understood-important ethnic factor in the army, as found most initiatives to remove from the command of the legion Franz Kikalya with the significant motivation: " ... in order for you to have Ukrainian leadership, not a Czech named Kikal & quot ;, which Archduke reasonably suspected of having links with the Polish party that opposed the development of the legion (p. 25). What is manifested deep and high pravnuchatoho being Ukrainian nephew of the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef I and great-nephew of the then Emperor Charles I? First he had a firmly coherent Ukrainian centeredand personality go between Scylla and then Harybroyu Ukrainian politics and geopolitics. It is about two main political lines of independent and conservative. Ukrainian Galician conservatives in the people of Vienna parliamentarians professed principle of autonomy (federation) of Eastern Galicia in the Austro-Hungarian Empire at its absolute separationsher to the historic enemy Ukrainian - Poland. Instead, the younger generation of so-called Self advocated for independence and sovereignty of the Ukrainian state, which should win the war in combining enslaved Ukrainian lands of Austria-Hungary and Russia. Wilhelm Habsburg was mentally on the side of conservatives, but in reality most mainterymuvav movement of independence, expressed later in SVR (1920) and Own (1929), with whom he line up very close relationship, as it turned out, at the expense of his own life. That is the evolution of the political life of Ukraine early twentieth century passed its natural stages from federalism (konfederalizmu) -to independence of conservatism, national demokratiyi - nationalism. Reaching its peak mental and political - nationalism, the nation came under Bolshevik or shooting an enemy in Moscow Great Ukraine and Polish - in Western Ukraine. That was the then geopolitics. Together with his chosen people chose forms of struggle and great Habsburg. If he had ZUNR prelude for the maintask forces to develop Ukraine - USS and finance first Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Scientific Society. Taras Shevchenko, that tempers stylet and Stylos nation, from the time Konovaltsevoho UVO and OUN Bandera maximum conditions contributed to the rise Battalion " Roland " and denounced the Nazi plans for Ukraine. In particularAfter talking with Ribbentrop, he immediately reported the true nationalists plans Germans on Carpathian Ukraine and dissuaded from any cooperation with them. In the eyes of the German Ribbentrop aggressive intentions toward Ukraine and foolish phrase " You did a good German and you have to guess too explain the " said: " Sorry, but you claimomylyayetes. I feel Ukrainian and only for the good of Ukraine can collaborate " (P. 108). No wonder that 27 June 1941, long after ususivskyh competition, he wrote in a letter to the leading riflemen N. miners: " Please email me at the address indicated in the letter and in my name under which I live here (in Vienna William Habsburh-Lotryhen - JF), though I'm proud of my Ukrainian surname USS my dear, and I gave them all ostayus true Vyshyvanyy Basil & quot ;. True it was very difficult in the evaluation of the Polish-Ukrainian relations. Colonel (a title he received from acclaimed WUPR, and then was appointed head of the Department of Foreign Affairs mainBoard of General Staff of UNR) categorically accepted UPR Petliura agreement with Poland, considering such an alliance " unnatural " through imperial sentiment Poland and brutal use of Ukrainian army to fight the Bolsheviks until the Polish breathes peace with Soviet Russia in Riga. Unconditional support Ukraine in its nadskladThey occupational relations with Poland had much deeper motivation. To uphold the truth and ideas of Ukrainian his youth he went to a complete break family relations with his father - Archduke Charles Stephen Habsburg, the successor to the Polish throne - and violent polonofilom ukrayinonenavysnykom that in Ukrainian choice stripped of his sonright to inheritance. Public Wilhelm (Basil) spoke about this in a letter dated February 10, 1921: " ... I do not pohvalyuyu all policies against the Ukrainian people led my family with constant injustice to the same people over the centuries. And so it was one of the motives that prompted me to go into the service of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian Republicreflections, and the service I will do right to the end - still on which position I put Ukrainian legal authorities and regardless of whether it is like my father and our family or not " (P. 78). His faithful service of the Ukrainian people over condemning Soviet Habsburg court to 25 years in prison. This sentence he shall shaveosyly May 20, 1948 after kidnapping him in Vienna in September 1947. Allegations of Moscow style permanent political madness: " Austro-Hungarian circles prepared W.Habsburgs-Lotrinhena on Ukrainian throne & quot ;, and his anti-fascist activities during the war the Soviets potraktuvaly as " works in favor anhlyyskoy razvedky " ;. August 18, 1948 This amazing kindness, justice and devotion man passed away in a prison hospital prison number 1 m. Kyiv. We do not know where the tomb of loving Ukrainian hearts. Maybe somewhere in the woods Bykivnia. With us it was left ukrainian poetry collection " are passing days " with dedication " fighters who fellfor freedom of Ukraine! " ... P.S. Have some symbolic reasons Vasyl Vyshyvany nature of Ukrainian soldier. 1. " My only laid hundreds of Ukrainian definitely had a Ukrainian national consciousness, but was afraid to reveal it, because then every Ukrainian political thought was suspicious. Among themselves lived in harmony. The elders were the hundredsGermans (Oden was a Pole, but I removed it). Fear of persecution Ukrainian front reached that some confess to the Polish nation. For this I was terribly abused and told them that if I confess to the Ukrainian people, then they can do it safely. This pomohalo and soon was transferred to the neighboring hundred " (P. 128). 2. " I do managers considerAyu best Ukrainian and soldiers. Only they are a bit like sheep, have a leadership who believe it will go into the fire and into the water, and even perform richy that look impossible to perform ... samoposvyaty real cases and heroism golden Ukrainian and soldiers could I make a lot of " (P. 128). 3. " As for the morals of the people, then wonand ... very high. I say this on the basis of comparison with other people and soldiers. One has only flaw Ukrainian Zhovnir: he is too good-natured and in fact inferior to other people and soldiers who know. In this excessive good nature Ukrainian soldiers, who brings it to what he did wrong, not protesting not zhalkuyetsya - I could not Spockyno watch " (P. 129). 4. " A Characterization of Ukrainian and soldiers say one more: he has the nerves that Hindenburg (Field Marshal of the German army) deems necessary for Zhovnir first quality. ... Suddenly the Russians began to shoot grenades. One grenade fell in the trenches between two Ukrainian soldiers, who lay himself. And do not burst. Perhaps the skyAgatha find such people who would not have jumped at his feet on takim goodies from the enemy. However, both Ukrainian and soldiers just like on your favorite team shouted abuse and neither povoruhnulysya ... In short, I consider Ukrainian and soldiers for the primary material in the world " (P. 129). 5. " Ukrainian Zhovnir very tough to hunger and poverty, to toil anddisadvantages. In fact only one Ukrainian exceed Serb offensive ... there is no better soldiers, as Ukrainian. They rush forward so that sometimes even off the hands of the team. But in the defense they are inferior " (P. 129) 6. " weakness of the Ukrainian soul and soldiers - a lack of its own motion. But for the commandment - all perform, especially solutions?n?n? they orientation senses. He just kazochno strong in them. Even at night. Against good officers who care for their people - Ukrainian Zhovnir faithful unto death " (P. 129). 7. " Ukrainians love to sing. I love to hear how they sing. Must say I sing: " not time to & quot ;, " Ukraine is still alive & quot ;, " Berhovyno & quot ;, " on the Prut in a meadow & quot ;. I personally and a comrade told them about oppression Ukraine Russia never in fact not pidcherkuyuchy in Austria else, because this is not considered tasty. For a relationship to Austria I had no time to set your report. I openly stated in his report that the feel and the interests of Ukraine Ukrainian for me at firstPlaces " (P. 129). The fact that the interests of Ukraine for this Warrior of Light was primarily evidenced by the fact that he, despite winning 5 - wearing only blue and yellow insignia " USS 1914 & quot ;. For that he rebuked them, and he replied, " that no one do not care. Spelling and style W.Habsburgs saved, see. calling on the pages of publications: J. Tereschenko, T. Ostashko. Ukrainian patriot of the Habsburg dynasty. - K., 2011. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv city organization VO " Freedom "

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