In April, along with a utility bill, residents of Vinnitsa region get simplified application form and return to the application for subsidies (+ photos)

This was reported March 25 during a press conference at the Department of Information and Communication OSA first Deputy Director of Social PolicyRSA Lyudmila Karataeva. According to her, on May 1, 2015 comes into force Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 28.02.2015 106 "On improvement of housing subsidies," according to which subsidies will be based on only two documents - statements and declarations on the simplified form (canceled A necessaryhidnist provide information on income, including personnel). Companies that provide services for gas, electricity and district heating production should provide application forms and the Declaration and delivering them to customers with accounts to pay for services. The subsidy for housing and utilities appointARE 12 months from the date of application for its intended purpose. Upon expiration of a grant, social security authorities will carry out the calculation of subsidy for the next period automatically. "For 67 thousand families areas that during the heating season 2014-2015 years subsidized, provides automatic subsidiesfor another term without the need for a new set of documents and access the social security "- said Lyudmila Karataeva. If incomplete or inaccurate information on revenues and expenses reported in the living room of people, they may be denied the appointment of subsidies or stopped providing it, in thisif the applicant is obliged to return excess recalculated (paid) the amount of the subsidy in double. Under the new conditions, the right to organize concessions granted to persons who are not registered in the living room, but rented accommodation and pay the cost of utility services under a written contract of employment (rental) housing; skasovuyutsya all restrictions on the property of persons applying for subsidies (excluding one-time cost of buying expensive for the amount of 50 thousand. UAH): From now on, will be eligible for a grant citizens who own two premises or owning two cars; Reference: The size of the mandatory share of payment for housing-Communal services for recipients of subsidies is determined as follows: 1) subsidies for reimbursement for housing and communal services appointed on the basis of average total income people and for the purchase of liquefied gas, solid and liquid heating fuel - based on the annual income of people in the previous Calaisndarnyy year; - If the subsidy for reimbursement for housing and communal services designated in the first quarter, the average monthly gross income determined in the first three quarters of last year, in other cases - for the previous calendar year; - Optional public subsidy for reimbursement for housing and communal nosluh appointed on the basis of the average (for the six months prior to application) total income individuals after filing statements of income of such persons for the period approved by the Ministry of Social Policy; 2) the average total income divided by the number of household members, and thus determined serednomisyacal income per capita; 3) income per person is divided into subsistence minimum per person per month (2015? 1176 USD.), Which is determined by the ratio of per capita income families to the subsistence minimum per person; 4) the result is divided by 2, and then multiplied by 15% (for the base Variantst taken a mandatory fee for housing services in the amount of 15% of the income family with an income per family member at double cost of living), and thus determined the percentage of mandatory fees for public utilities. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration