Online scams pimping turned 17-year-old student from Ternopil

tracking fraudulent scheme carried out through a worldwide network using computer technology, Ternopil police were confident that it has to do with the professional IT shnyk. However, it turned out that organized fraud 17-year-old student of SGLth from Ternopil colleges. And the "subject" of fraud - the "strawberry". As the head of cybercrime regional police George Kondratiuk minor registered in different social networks under false names. Someone kept mostly to men. The student seemed pimp, reported nifor it is at ten girls, and for the money they perform any sexual fantasies client. Those wishing to such proposals in the agreed time appointed meeting at the railway or bus station, where it is claimed they are waiting girls. At the meeting with the future victim did not come. Instead, by phone required to transfer the deposit, aslyav to ensure solvency. Men through the payment system perechyslyuvaly two hundred hryvnia. What are the victim of fraud victims realized only when the pimp relationship disappeared. According to George Kondratyuka "virtual pimp" could calculate. He seized computers, cell phones, credit cards. Onozryuvanomu charged with violation of Article 190 of the Criminal Code - fraud committed by illegal transactions using computer technology. Sanction article provides three to eight years in prison. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region