At Vinnytsia authorities have an agreement on cooperation and interaction with Chernobyl (+ photos)

25 March, chaired by Vice-Director of the Department of Education State Administration Igor Ivasyuka a meeting of the organizing committee to celebrate Vinnichchine 29th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Addressing the audience,and that the heads of regional NGOs and representatives of the Chernobyl units Administration, said that all the activities of the said date shall pass to the mark. "For proper celebration in the 29 th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster preparing orders Head of Regional State Administration, Wormsm is the plan of action and rewarding citizens affected by the Chernobyl disaster diplomas of the Regional State Administration and Regional Council granting monetary compensation. In addition, the Regional State Administration April 24, 2015 meeting will be held with representatives of NGOs, victimss from the Chernobyl disaster. There will be a meeting-requiem at the monument to the victims of the Chernobyl disaster. Appropriate measures will be carried out in all areas of the region and the cities of regional importance "- said Igor Ivasjuk. Also, the official noted that due to the abolition of the zone of enhanced radiation monitoring the number of victimsdecreased by 62 899 citizens who belong to the category 4 and is 26 532 persons. In addition, earlier this year took place in the administration of Article 60 of the Law of Ukraine "On the status and social protection of citizens affected by the Chernobyl disaster", according to which a citizen affected by the Chernobyl disaster, whichis entitled to benefits and compensation under several laws of Ukraine, can enjoy the benefits and compensation in accordance with the selected one of his laws of Ukraine. "At present, according to the clarification of the Main Scientific Expert Department of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Article 60 of the Law should not be construed as requiringon behalf of the entire complex choice of benefits and compensation for only one of the laws. If the person is given the status of two or more laws, and some benefits are the same type, then the person is the right choice every single one of the benefits laws. That citizens have the choice between the law on individual benefits or compensation, and on the whole complex of benefits and compensation for a separate law as a whole "- said Igor Ivasjuk. In addition, the assembly discussed cooperation between the public with state agencies and local governments within the state administration concluded between Vinnytsia, Vinnytsia Vinnytsia Regional Council and Regional Communitiesian organization "Chernobyl Union of Ukraine". In particular, the matter of social and medical protection of citizens affected by the Chernobyl disaster. As part of the agreement regional authorities prepared a number of proposals of central government to improve social protection of vulnerable categories and proved painful problems. What stosuyetbe liquidators support at the regional level, 667 widows paid over 345 thousand UAH. financial aid. In 2014, health-kurotnym treatment provided in 2343 affected people, among them- 1643 children; 101 mothers with a child, adult -599. Chornobyl disaster victims who applied for land diLeanc?, transferred the ownership and use of housing for 26,298 land area of ??5 296ha., for personal farming - 25 197 sites 7332ha area. As in the first assembly deputy director of the State Administration of Social Policy Lyudmila Karataeva, in 2014 the volume of financingof the state budget for the program "Social protection of victims of the Chernobyl disaster" was 42 million. tys.762 069 USD. "In 2015 planned funding of 29 million. 523 thousand. 405 UAH. Compared to last year funding was reduced by 12 mln.546 tys.357 USD. This is due to changes to the Law of Ukraine "On Statusand social protection of citizens affected by the Chernobyl disaster, "namely, the abolition of the zone of enhanced radiation monitoring and compensation to children victims of the accident, in addition to compensation for disabled children from the Chernobyl disaster at a time when they did not eat in secondary education fromakladah. The financing program is carried out according to the needs. No arrears. Within 3 months of the year program funded in the amount of 7 million. 309 thousand. 936 UAH. "- Said Lyudmila Karataeva. Registered in the Pension Fund of Ukraine in Vinnytsia region today is 40 654 persons Affected byidok Chernobyl disaster, incl .: 3220 - category, 1904 - 2 cat, 772-3kat, 34755-4kat. and 3 disabled children from the Chernobyl catastrophe affected by the Chernobyl disaster. The payment of current pensions provided in full. As a result of this meeting will be formed commission which will be written out in detail allvoiced items to improve life and solving urgent problems of Chernobyl Vinnitsa region. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration