In Ternopil Regional Administrations turned Anhelivky asking residents to stop afforestation suburbs From

to help them to afforestation of pasture Ternopil Regional State Administration asked the villagers Anhelivka Ternopil region. They met Acting Deputy Governor John Babiychuk and Deputy toPG Derzhzemahenstva suppliers in Ternopil region Darius Romance. According to villagers, the area you zasiyuyut forest is the only place in the village, which is currently used as pasture. A decision on the reforestation of the area was made without the knowledge of the village council of the community. After reviewing the certificate of inspection of the site, Darius Romance notedthat slopes less than 12 degrees, which means that the area is not eligible to do agricultural work on it and can be forested. "Due to the fact that the decision was made plantation forest without the knowledge of the community, we decided that the process of afforestation will be suspended until resolution of the issue or finding alternative eilyanky "- said John Babiychuk. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration