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In the Transcarpathian region in Mukachevo police found a stolen car

car VAZ-2105 1982-year issue midnight unknown stole out of the windows Mukachevo flats. Less than a day operatives criminal police tracked down the children stolen car at the other end of Mukachevo. In the morning the duty of Mukachevoment Gorotdel police received reports of misappropriation of the vehicle. The owner of the car said that the evening he parked his by car under the windows of apartment buildings, and in the morning to the place it was gone. Alarm car was not equipped. Less than a day Mukachevo police tracked the stolen car in susidnoth district of the city - Palanca. Inside was previously convicted 21-year-old man. His illegal act, he explained the desire to tinker on another car. Earlier this mukachivets are held criminally liable for theft and drug possession. Now against her husband opened criminal proceedings under Part 2 st.289 KryminalnohCode of Ukraine (illegal seizure of the vehicle). Thieves for an offense facing imprisonment for a term of 5 to 8 years. Natalia Machico Mukachevo CF MIA