In Lutsk Nicholas Romaniuk examined the progress of repairs on the streets Gnidava

With the onset of warm and sunny weather in Lutsk been started with pavement of the streets and adjacent areas. At some sites only started preparatory work, but on the other - Road Service has put asphalt coating. Yes, usno work is continuing with the application of chippings-mastic asphalt concrete roadway on the street. Gnidava. It has previously been established curbs, sidewalks, arranged, made on the basis of the roadway. This year to overhaul the street provided funds in the amount - 3 333.7 thousand. UAH. Last year, mastered - 3 801.0 thousand.The work carried out by LLC "Lutskautodor Service". See the progress and communicate with employees traveling service arrived Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk and his deputy Taras Yakovlev. Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk was pleased with the work of workers' Lutskautodor Service ". He stressed that this street is very heavy traffic, adzhThis is a way of neighborhood health care facilities in the central part of Lutsk. He said that work on this street were started last year. Complete paving plan tomorrow. You will then be applied road markings. The mayor said that on the street want to arrange bicycle track, nanisshy the roadway appropriate markup. "Thisyear we allocated 25 million USD to repair, 6 million of maintenance and 10 million for green areas "- Mykola Romaniuk. He also said that this year plans to continue repair work on the avenues of Unification to the intersection with the street Chornovil, Will, street Chornovil and others. Also planuyut on streets where there are no hard coating, to hreyderuvannya, and in part - do biloschebeneve coverage. This year and will repair the sidewalks on the avenue of Unification of furnishing bike route, Renaissance, Will. Nicholas Romaniuk said that the problem is a street Karpenko-Kary. Now it plans to bring in proper condition. Unfortunately, capitalnoho repair spend this year there may not be due to lack of funds. However, plans to produce the necessary documentation to carry out reconstruction next year. This was reported in Lutsk City Council