Consolidated squad Khmelnytsky police officers returned from the zone ATU

45 police officers led by the commander of the consolidated unit, Chief of Public Security Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnitsky region Sergey Melnik, returned from the lunar trip of Donetsk region. Consolidated squad consisted of soldiers special police company (former "Golden Eagle"), spetsroty "Bogdan" and volunteers from the staff of municipal regional police and the Regional Department of the Interior. Greeted fighters many relatives, friends, colleagues and leadership management led by Chief Nicholas Semenyshyn. - You with dignity and honor completed tasks. I want to hang up rotationvalysya exactly - referring to the men, said Nikolai. - Each of you is an example for police officers who have not served in the ATO. - We provide assistance to local police officers, served to protect public order and the checkpoints. Local people mostly belonged to our men positively. We tacosis trying to help people, we could - groceries, medicines, etc., - says police commander Colonel Sergey Melnik. Senior police inspector spetsroty "Bogdan" Inna Kmet - the first female police officer of Khmelnytsky, who went to the zone ATO. At home it was looking forward to a loving husband and a small little boy. - If possibleb I go again - says Inna with confidence. - Go to the zone ATO scary, but defend the country - no. Son has seen almost daily through the program Skype. He asked that I returned as soon as possible ... to love and defend the country can not be without desire. This should be at the heart of childhood. Relatives and friends of fighters do not hide their joy and tears uastya. - Meet her son. All this time much worried about it, counted the days before his arrival - says Olena mother inspector of Public Security Ministry of Internal Affairs Artem Mruha. - Art for the first time went to the ATO area, but it has special training and it was comforting me. I was not deterred, he wanted and decided to go. But wellshould be. He is a real man, I'm very proud of him. Artem himself says that through the information blockade is not so easy to reach out to local residents, but also mentions the good moments: - We were at checkpoints at night, freezing. A local grandmother brought us back some food preservation. They said that their children phoned from Russia and asked to help us.The information was