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In Lviv will be evening requiem "In memory of hundreds of Heaven"

In Lviv Philharmonic will take place the evening of memories of events on Independence - "In memory of hundreds of Heaven", with the participation of Galician Academic Chamber Choir, Chamber Choir "Gloria" and the Academic Lviv Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra under conductor Vladimir Syvohopa. This isAccording to the press service of the Lviv Philharmonic. The concert-requiem will be performed a large-scale work of Franz Schubert – Mesa number 6 in E flat major, which of the many different religious works of Schubert exalted character and musical richness. Sixth Mass was written by Schubert in 1828, less than six months before death. I must say that inthis time with the ’ are the most tragic works of the composer. However, the mass is very different from them in the mood, it dominated the light and happy feeling. Comparison of traditional and romantic parts are also characteristic of the mass. Thus, the first Kyrie eleison (Lord have mercy) on the basis of written song melody, the next Gloria (Glory) – LHychava in nature. Such internal contrast and large-scale 3-part Creed (Creed). Dark ominous images embodied in the chorus, which is written in the rhythm of the funeral march and depicting Crucifixion ’ vuet (Crucifixus). To highlight the resurrection of Christ (Et resurrexit) composer uses repetition of the original subject Credo. In lyrical 5th part, Benedictus (Blessed), a theme that varies as in the song, the developing canonically in polyphonic forms. A single dark, dramatic episode – the beginning of the 6th, Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) – echoes the music baroque fugato theme graphically resembles a cross that is so characteristic of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Concert Requiemwill be held 20 February at 19 o'clock. Told