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In Chernihiv honored combatants in other states in Chernihiv

February 15 on the occasion of commemorating the combatants in other states held the ceremony of laying flowers and prayer. In a park near the monument to soldiers-internationalists in the center gathered nearly 500 Chernihiv - veterans of the Afghan war, tspEniwa their families, government officials and the public. Send flowers to the monument put Acting Head of Chernihiv Regional State Administration Sergey Zhurman, Chernihiv Regional Council head Nikolai Zverev, Chernihiv Mayor Oleksandr Sokolov. Present minute's silence in memory of the victims. Archpriest Church of St. Nicholas, Father George modsluzhyv funeral prayer for the deceased participants in military conflicts in other states. Was called by name all 117 Chernihiv who died and disappeared during the war in Afghanistan. Chairman of the regional branch USVA Stanislav Vikhrov noted that veterany- "Afghans" are not excluded from events taking place in Ukraine. Andk, from Chernigov 42 soldiers who fought in Afghanistan, protect the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine, taking part in anti-terrorist operations. The organization also provides financial and humanitarian assistance in the area of ??TU. The mayor said that veterans of Afghanistan are the only and whole organization ready for any conditionssupport each other, because they firmly unites the memories of more than two decades ago. "This is our memory of the period of time that can not be measured normal days and hours" - shared O.Sokolov. Irina Synelnyk