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In Uzhgorod-addict son robbed of their parents

This act young man did the first time. These facts are often, but missing amounts were minor and the parents did not notice their lack. "Proceeds" so my son that causeth shame money spent on drugs. Recently, a statement to Uzhgorod Gorotdel police turned 60-year-old city. Chomale smokers reported that disappeared from his home the cash in the amount of 1,000 euros. Uzhhorodets suspected of stealing his own son. Law enforcement officials determined that it was 28-year-old son committed this theft. Steal grew up in a wealthy family lived in abundance, childhood knew nothing of failure. However, when grown up, he became interested in drugs. First pokuryuvav "travku "but then got hooked on hard drugs. What parents do just to save son urged, begged and svaryly - boy stood his ground. Throwing drugs he would not and could not. Eventually parents left him alone with his "delight", while denying it to hold and costs. So he began to pull out of the housemoney ... On this fact openly criminal proceedings under Part 3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine 185 (theft, coupled with the penetration of housing). Sanction this Article provides for imprisonment for a term of 3 to 6 years. Dear Diana, Uzhgorod CF MIA