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Memorandum of Cooperation between Ukraine and the International DSNS Trust Fund of the Republic of Slovenia - a way to improve the safety of our citizens and to strengthen cooperation in the field of mine action - Anatoly Boiko

State Emergency Service of Ukraine, building civil defense European level continues to build withpivpratsyu with its international partners. Given the situation now prevailing in eastern Ukraine, a particularly important issue now is humanitarian demining liberated territories Donetsk and Lugansk. Therefore, on February 13, a regular meeting of First Deputy Chairman Anatoly Boiko Ukraine DSNS director of the International Trustovogo Fund to improve the safety of human Slovenian Ambassador Ladies ’ Jan Berganty by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Slovenia in Ukraine Natasha ashes. The participants discussed the future directions of bilateral cooperation in humanitarian demining, and signed a memorandum of comption between DSNS Ukraine and the International Trust Fund of the Republic of Slovenia. At the meeting, Anatoly Boiko, first of all, thanked colleagues from the Republic of Slovenia for friendly support, ongoing technical and humanitarian assistance coming to Ukraine. &Ldquo; The Republic of Slovenia is extremely important partner for Ukraine in general andand for our service in particular. Now, more than ever, needed assistance from the international community. This applies particularly to help improve technical equipment in the field of humanitarian demining. We are extremely grateful for the assistance already received from Europe. This particular robotic systems and mine clearance fireworks carsLee, protection of personnel and vehicles called ’ communications. I am convinced that the signing of the Memorandum with the International Trust Fund of the Republic of Slovenia - a way to further improve the safety of our citizens and to strengthen cooperation through the development and implementation of joint projects & rdquo ;, – Anatoliy Boyko. In turn, Dyretional International Trust Fund to enhance the security of the Republic of Slovenia Dame man ’ Yang Berganty assured Ukrainian partners that desire Slovenia now purports to help Ukraine to protect those people who are currently in eastern Ukraine. And that is why the signing of the Memorandum will exchange experience in the fielddemining, develop and implement new projects for Ukrainian security. &Ldquo; Our organization has considerable experience in humanitarian demining. We also work in areas of military conflicts. In addition, our activities related ’ connected with the implementation of programs of risk education. I am confident that our experience will Hopesvychayno useful for employees DSNS. We plan to conduct joint training, education, develop joint programs and activities to enhance the establishment in Ukraine mine action center ” &Ndash; said Dame ’ Yang Berganty. During the meeting, a justification for further cooperation, the two sides signed a Memorandum of Understanding DSNA Ukraine and the International Trust Fund of the Republic of Slovenia for the improvement of human security in Mine Action. So this memorandum declared aspirations of Ukraine and the Republic of Slovenia guarantee the safety and peace of Ukrainian. Recall, January 26, from Ukraine to the Republic of Slovenia received humanitarian assistance to internalcover sufficiently displaced persons, namely, 500 sleeping bags and blankets 200 for a total of about 36 thousand euros. Press office DSNS Ukraine