In Tallinn Week was first held in Ukrainian film

Estonian capital Tallinn from 18 to 23 February will be held the first week of Ukrainian cinema. Photo: As stated on the official website of the State Cinema during the six-day festival, which was organized by the State Agency of Ukraine for movies, Estonian and Estonian Film Institute distributor ’ yutorska company Menufilmid, show six feature films and one collection of short films. They represent Derzhkino Chairman Philip Illyenko, director Valentin Vasyanovych, Oles Sanin and Victoria Trofimenko and Maksim Asadchiy producers and Iya Myslytska. In full list of films « guides » Oles Sanin, « Kredens » Jack Valentinenovycha, « Prayer for Hetman Mazepa. The new version » George Illienko, « Brothers. Last Confession » Victoria Trofimenko, « Disease Love » Dmitry Tymoshpolskoho and « tribe ’ I » Miroslav Slaboshpytsky. By short program « Ukrainian New Wave & raquo ;, launched the National Center for Oleksandra Dovzhenko, six Ukrainian short film (fiction, documentary or animation) films of 2014, the winners of the festival in Kiev, Odessa and Warsaw – &Laquo; Simple Things » Alexander Ratia, « plug » Cilly, Aisne Titov, « singing birds Store » Anatoly Lavrenishina, « November » Maria Condeakovoyi, « And God stepped into the void » Zaza and Buadze « Face » Nikon Romanchenko. Also during the week will meet Ukrainian film directors and producers with Estonian filmmakers, discussion on the impact of cinema on society and the possibility of the film change the course of history. &Laquo; first week Ukraione cinema in Estonia – This is a very responsible and symbolic. It is capable of cinema as nothing else to represent the country, foreigners acquainted with it. Estonia supports Ukraine in the current difficult situation, so we hope not only to demonstrate some of the best examples of our cinema, but also to establish communications ’ relationships with peers and colleagues », &Ndash; the chairman of the State Committee for Cinematography Philip Illyenko. Told