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In Ternopil address on the occasion of commemorating the combatants in other states

Dear compatriots! Global political tensions during the "cold war" led to dozens of local military conflicts caused the participation of citizens in the wars that were fought on different continents. Work well performing military oath, howlHN-internationalists showed high human qualities - courage, professionalism, compassion and humanity. Many of them died in exile, particularly in Afghanistan. The memory of each soldier lives in our hearts. Ukraine was the first post-Soviet space as a sign of deep respect for their sons who fell fighting away from their housesk, began officially celebrating February 15 as the Day of commemoration of the combatants in other states. On behalf of the Ukrainian people sincerely thank the veterans for perfect exploits and current active state position. I express my tribute to those who contributed to the victory of the Revolution of Dignity and Sovereignty of Ukraine armed defends the Donbas. Yourdevotion to the interests of the country is a shining example of service to the Fatherland, the performance of military duty and true patriotism. As President of Ukraine, I always support the initiatives of social movement of soldiers-internationalists to preserve the traditions of martial fraternity, consolidation of society and strengthening the state. I believe that difm we win. I wish you all good health, happiness, new achievements and peaceful sky. Glory to Ukraine! Source: Official website of the President of Ukraine This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration