In Lviv police arrested the attacker, whom he suspected of murder victim Hunter

, pursuing poacher, was able to remove the mobile phone point in their murder. Guardians of two days and identified the arrested suspect in the crime. In Stryjskyj Gorotdel police, February 12, about 18 hours, and receivednformatsiya manager of emergency medical care Striyskoy Central Hospital, which reported that in a field near the forest, near one of the villages Stryisky area, found the body of a man with no signs of life from the head wound. On the body found two dispatcher told the villagers. They were told thatbody belongs to their friend - 32-year-old non-working locals. At the scene left investigative team. Established that three men (who died and two of his friends who found and reported the body - all hunters), on its own initiative conducted survey area to identify individuals who illegally hunted. Pravoohorontsi found that the victim - himself a hunter, often heard in his address suspicions that he is engaged in poaching. To prove his innocence to poaching hunter he decided to find and identify the true poacher, as determined by two of his comrades. "On that day, one of them heard shots in the woods, Reportwashing of the deceased and is their third friend and all three in the car went in the forest. But in the woods deceased comrades refused searching poacher, explaining that the forest is quite large and can not find anyone there, "- said Acting Head of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv region police colonel Ruslan Domnitsak. Agosearch for the dead poacher took himself. My husband managed to get on the trail of the attacker. He caught up with him and offered to stay. However, in response to an armed man made a shot in the side of the pursuer, wounded in his hand and continued to flee. "Wounded informed about the situation of their comrades, pointed the direction in which they need to moveATIS, and continued to pursue poacher to establish his identity. He spent shooting video on your mobile phone. But when the guys found his friend, he was dead, "- said Ruslan Domnitsak. Law enforcement officials conducted a series of examinations, in which it was found that the fatal wound to the head and wounded in the cityUCU was injured as a result of shots from a hunting weapon 16 caliber. Police interviewed the villagers who've realties brought to responsibility for poaching and hunting and as a result identified the attacker. They found 57-year-old Hunter, a resident of one of the villages Stryisky area. Male PPENational Academy of the crime and said that on that day, about 18 hours, he, being in the forest, made a shot from the shotgun to the head of the deceased. During the search of the apartment unauthorized intruder police found a 16-caliber hunting rifle and ammunition. On a mobile phone that belonged to the deceased, police expressionsDoes the video, which recorded the persecution and the moment when an armed man makes a shot toward the pursuer. In order st.208 Code of Ukraine, the court opted for a detained as a preventive measure - detention. In fact openly criminal proceedings under Part 1 st.115 (murder) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Sanction article provides penalties Menu viewyadi imprisonment for a term of seven to fifteen years. CCA Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region