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Employees duty of the police Zhytomyr work out the basics of providing first aid

in the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs held a special workshop for the staff duty of militia divisions in the region. Among the topics discussed are not only professional disciplines, but also practical skills necessary medical testing. More than fifty pravoohorontsiv March 21 took part in vocational training. Specialized practical training sessions held qualify for medical support MIA Zhytomyr. Head of regional specialized medical team stopped Oksana Burla turn on the necessary actions in the most common injuries and wounds. In daily work next partdistrict police often there are situations where timely advice is essential. In addition, among the participants there are those who are now preparing to travel as part of a consolidated Ministry of Internal Affairs Detachment in Zhytomyr area of ??TU. And the knowledge and skills worked first aid to victims of gunshot and shrapnel in wounds, contusions and burnss is a mandatory part of the training. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine in Zhytomyr region