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In Lviv region during firefighters eliminated 14 times burning dry grass

For the past 14 rescuers good times went to quench dry grass and bushes. Thus, March 20 at 9:58 there was a fire in dead. Sokal Street. Yavornytsky. Here, the arrival of fire-rescue units were destroyed dry grass individual cellss an area of ??11 500 sq.m. The fire was extinguished at 15:00. On the same day at 11:40 rescuers received fire in the open area near the village. Shklo Javoriv area. The fire destroyed some dry grass centers in the area 2000 sq.m. Firefighters eliminate fire at 12:00. At 15:04 came to the rescue postsDisplay of fire on a farm village council Trasivka A.Svydnytsky Javoriv area in open areas. Nadzvychaynyky eliminated ignition of dry grass with a total area of ??1500 sq.m. The fire was extinguished at 17:02. Department DSNS Ukraine in Lviv region resembles that of burning vegetation not only harms the environment and health ’ U people but can grow in an uncontrolled burning threatened destruction of buildings housing sector. It is especially difficult to localize fires in open areas where fire spread very quickly. It is important to understand that unauthorized burning dry grass, remnants of vegetation and fallen leaves – the problem is not just environmentalists and ryatuvalnykiv and every person.