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Rivne region police arrested the thief red-handed

March 21, at half past six in the morning to the police reported that a church on the street Gonchar in Zdolbunov penetrated by unknown persons. Within minutes police found the attacker, who was hiding in the closet. The police found that the 36-year-old Oleg, a citizen of the Republic of Moldova, on the eve Zaiseam church during evening prayers - Deputy Chief of Internal Affairs Vladimir Holubosh. - Wait until all come out, and the house was shut attacker emerged from hiding. Oleg damaged locks boxes for donations and took out all the money. Trying to get out of the church, a man set fire to the side door of the temple at the site of the castle. Pryhozhanyn, which at the time was near, he saw smoke and reported rector of the church. Going to church building, they noticed that the church is one sided, and immediately called the police. Within minutes police found at the altar Oleg, who was hiding in the closet of church clothes. He was holding a bag of money in excess of2200 USD. On this fact openly criminal proceedings under Part 3 of Article 15, paragraph 3 of Article 185 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (attempted theft). Attackers are reported suspected and detained under Article 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine. Law enforcement officials are checking Oleg's involvement in the commissionother crimes in the Rivne region and adjacent areas. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Rivne region